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    March 7, 2016 /  Seniors

    Elite senior services are a brainchild of Mimi Medinger established in 2003. Mimi, who used to work as a care taker for seniors for quite a long while before she realized her love for this profession, noticed the various levels of care available for the seniors. She decided to dedicate herself to this noble profession and provide the best possible services to the elderly in Arizona. She became the care manager and started recruiting and educating novice care givers to provide the best non medical care services as senior care specialists. The right amount of attitude along with good knowledge of the applicable techniques contributes effectively in offering proper services to the needful on a one to one basis.

    One may either call 602-348-2710 or send an email to info@azess.net for soliciting enquiries about the placement services offered on the Elite senior services website. The services provided by this organization are totally free of cost to the senior, family or authority who seeks for an elderly placement. The process starts with a personal visit of a senior care specialist at the senior’s place followed with a brief interview and a small survey to understand the needs in association with the health conditions of the senior. The factors like cost of placement, location of the placement, accessibility to the basic amenities, size and type of rooms available, food and other inclusive services are also discussed to know the level of placement the senior looks forward to.

    On the basis of this survey report, the requirements are matched with the facilities offered by various placement providers enlisted with the organization and the health department of Arizona to ensure best health services to the senior. The results that match the desired criteria are informed to the senior and the care specialist allotted to that senior helps him or her to consider the placement options. It is very important to analyze the quality of life at a particular placement which depends on the level of activities, interaction and the mutual atmosphere in the community. The comprehensive placement package provided by the Elite senior services include proper assessment of all such factors contributing towards an amicable life of a senior in a community.

    The various placement options for seniors include independent living, assisted living communities, residential care, assisted living for seniors with specific health conditions and many more suitable to varied needs of the seniors. The dedicated care specialists provide one to one service and are accessible 24 hours a day. Proper dietary plans and timely health checkups by highly qualified doctors ensure physical well being of the seniors. At the same time informal interaction and friendly social relations among the residents of the communities are nurtured with medically approved activities that can help the seniors to be creative in their efforts and enjoy the company of people around. Such activities enhance the flow of positive energy that help the seniors stay happy and contended among themselves thus ensuring their emotion well being as well.

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